Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair Transplant

Considering hair transplant? Consider these first:

• Find a good surgeon. Don’t assume the more expensive the better.
• Consider the price. A hair graft may cost between $3 and $10.
• Consider other expenses such as medication, blood tests, anesthesia etc.
• The whole surgery may cost between $4,000 and $20,000 depends on the number of grafts you need.

Expensive? Yes, indeed. Hence I would always suggest this as the last resource for those who are badly in need of their hair back. In case you are, here is a website you may want to take a look. However it is only specific for doctors in the North America. Hair Transplant Costs

The topics they cover are very useful, such as:

• Price Comparison of Surgeons.
• Before and after photos with prices.
• What causes hair loss.
• Who is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.
• Details of the hair transplant procedure.
• Tips on finding the right doctor.
• Explanations of hair transplant costs and expenses.

Hair transplant is quite a painful, lengthy and expensive process. Before doing so, have you used or considered other options – laser combs, home hair laser, Provillus, hair vitamins, DHT blockers?

Hair Regrowth - Hair Transplant

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