Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair Regrowth, DHT Blocker

Many has been talking about DHT blocker can help hair regrowth. Before we dive deep to look for the best hair regrowth treatments, let’s take a look at what DHT blocker is and how they can help fighting hair loss.

In terms of best hair loss products, men and women would have different needs. We'll talk about the reasons.

Blocking DHT - Your First Step to Stop Hair Loss

DHT is a byproduct of testosterone. Testosterone, of course, is an important hormone for the health and wellness of both men and women. However, when testosterone comes in contact with an enzyme in the body called "5 alpha reductase" it produces DHT which leads to a blockage of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles, eventually leading to hair loss. When hair loss is determined to be due to excessive DHT in the system, the best treatment is to imply DHT blocker.

Reasons for Male Pattern Baldness

In both men and women it’s a normal process that testosterone naturally converts to DHT. But the hair loss that results happens much more often in men because they have higher testosterone levels. One of the best ways to prevent the hair loss and treat the loss which is already occurring is to block the DHT receptors.

Reasons for Female Hair Thinning

Female seldom suffer from complete baldness as their testosterone levels are far lower than men, but Female Pattern Baldness has been rising to a problematic situation, in addition to the traditional thinning problem. Statistics show that one in four women face Female Pattern Baldness (FPB).

Women tend to lose their self confidence and self esteem with fewer and fewer hair left on their heads. Female hair loss mainly due to hormone surges, stress, illness or pregnancy, but these will only last temporarily. The major cause hereditary hair loss, or Alopecia, is said to account for 95% of female hair loss.

Block DHT with Natural Means – for both men and women

Natural scientists have found that Zinc is an effective agent for blocking DHT production. Choosing foods that are rich in zinc will help block DHT naturally; however there are other ways to block DHT using natural medicines made from all-natural herbs and minerals. Apart from these, DHT Blocker Shampoo is a good option.

Fight DHT with The Hair Loss Black Book

To tactle the problem of DHT, The Hair Loss Black Book has become more and more popular with hair loss sufferers. Everyday more people are turning to the book for a solution. If you are looking for a reason behind this phenomenon, click here to read my review.

DHT Blocker

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