Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 Tips For Naturally Beautiful Hair

If you are looking to regrow hair naturally, I have clipped another article for your review. These are daily hair beauty basics which are easy to follow.

Looking for a more natural approach to hair care? Here are some tips to help your hair look and feel its best.

1. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium laurel sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate. These chemicals are synthetic detergents that are used in dishwashing liquid and other cleansers. They are valued because they lather well, but they are very harsh, and can dry out your hair. Instead, look for shampoos made with decyl glucose, or decyl glucoside, which are much gentler.

2. Give yourself a hot oil treatment to deep condition your hair. Warm oil penetrates the hair shaft making the hair more flexible and giving it shine. This can also help to prevent split ends which result from dry hair.

3. Eat right and consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements to encourage healthy hair. Several vitamins and minerals have been shown to help hair growth and condition including biotin, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C and MSM.

4. If you are an African American, or if you have extra curly hair, avoid brushing your hair. Use a wide toothed comb, or your fingers to work with your hair. Brushes can destroy African American or extra curly hair by shearing it out of the scalp.

5. Look for essential oils, herbs and vegetable oils in your hair care products. Essential oils such as rosemary, ylang-ylang and west Indian bay help to stimulate hair growth. Lavender and tea tree are naturally antiseptic and help to fight dandruff. Vegetable oils such as soybean oil, safflower oil and corn oil are moisturizing and conditioning to the hair shaft.

6. Avoid sleeping in hair accessories such as barrettes, scrunchies, head bands, etc. This can lead to hair damage.

7. Massage your scalp to help stimulate hair growth. Massaging helps stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the scalp. This nourishes the hair roots and helps to stimulate the hair growth process.

8. If your hair ends are damaged, give yourself a trim every so often to remove damage.

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Hair Regrowth - Regrow Hair Naturally

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 Tips To Regrow Hair Naturally

Are you looking for solutions to grow hair naturally? I have clipped this article written by Dr. Jeffrey Benabio and would like to share with you. I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

While some of the tips take time to work out, I have personally tried the ‘shampoo’ and ‘cut it’ strategy which works out fine for me. They aren’t expensive, safe and natural. Enjoy reading.

Hair makes us beautiful.

There are few conditions that evoke anxiety in my patients (men and women) more than hair loss. Hair is an important part of our appearance. We are biologically programmed to view it as a marker for a person’s suitability as a mate; this is probably because it’s an obvious indicator of a person’s youth and health.

Good hair suggests you are well nourished and healthy. As we age hair thins naturally, so a full head of hair also indicates the owner is young (and likely fertile).

It is no wonder that billions of dollars are spent every year to darken it, lighten it, grow more of it, and style it.

Like other physical characteristics such as body shape and skin complexion, the hair you have is the hair you are genetically programmed to grow. For some it is dense and thick. For others it is thin and sparse.
Patients often ask me what they can do to grow thick, luxurious hair. Here are five tips to have hair that says: “Yes, I’m dreamy.”

1. Eat well. Your hair reflects your overall health. If you eat healthfully, your hair will be healthy. Consume a diet based on whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, nuts, and low-fat dairy.

2. Take your biotin. There are countless vitamins touted to make your hair grow faster, stronger, and longer, including prenatal vitamins. Don’t believe it. If you eat a good diet (as above), then you don’t need vitamins. The only one I recommend supplementing is biotin at 1,500 mcg each day. Otherwise, leave the prenatal vitamins for pregnant women.

3. Moisturize. Shampoos are often potent soaps and can strip your hair’s natural oils, leaving it dry, dull, and brittle. Use the shampoo at the scalp only, not at the ends which can be months to years old and have endured countless washes. Use a conditioner everyday (or at least 3-4 times a week if your hairstyle can’t tolerate daily conditioning) to help lock in moisture. This will help your hair be thicker, shinier, and healthier.

4. Try carnitine. A
recent study showed that at least in the laboratory, L-carnitine (found in red meat) stimulated hair growth. Maybe that’s where the expression, “Eat this. It’ll put hair on your chest” comes from….

5. Cut it. Because your hair can be years old, it reflects all your body has been through in that time. For instance, if you were sick a few months ago, then the hair that grew during that period can be thin and brittle and will remain that way until it is sheared. If your hair is damaged or frayed, then there is little you can do to repair it. Sometimes the best thing to do is to cut off all the damaged areas and focus on taking better care of the hair that is still healthy.

About Jeffrey Benabio, MD

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Hair Regrowth - Regrow Hair Naturally

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super Grow 50 Hair Laser – at the cost of a laser comb

Increased popularity means decreased in price. This powerful technology became so popular that the cost to make them went down. Just like when a new device comes out, it’s expensive at first but then the price drops as more people buy it.

That’s right. Nowadays, you can buy 50 lasers at the price of a laser comb.

Why competitors are expensive?
Here's a list of things you can get with other laser hair products:
- LCD Displays
- Timers
- Different Power Settings - (wouldn't you always choose 'high?')
- Vibrating Pins
- Battery Power Indicators

Notice: None of these things grow hair.

It is the laser light that does the work.

These things are not needed to regrow your hair. And they cost money, which you, the consumer, would end up paying for. And as far as cost goes, this explains why competitive laser products offer so few actual lasers. They can't afford to!

For home use laser combs you could easily spend $495 for something that only had nine actual lasers in it. Or just one. There is a leading laser brush that has only one laser in it, split into nine beams.

Why Super Grow 50 is cheap?
They have a simple approach to building a hair laser: GIVE THE CUSTOMER LOTS OF LASERS!

It is the LASERS that do the work. So instead of giving you add-ons that don't do anything to regrow your hair, they focus on giving you as many lasers as possible. Their overhead laser systems are lean and mean. What you get is a LOT of powerful, baldness-battling lasers.

The ultimate objective is go give you fast results, not gimmicks.

Remember - you get what you pay for. So with Super Grow 50 you pay for lasers and you get lasers - and lots of them.

Sit down and let Super Grow 50 do the job
Many buy a laser comb without using it simply because that requires moving their arms for a period of 30 minutes which is tired and boring.

With the Super Grow 50 you get 100% coverage of the entire thinning area for the entire time you are using it.

Your scalp is bathed by fifty lasers the entire time.

No gaps.

No "hot spots" (where it is more comfortable to hold a brush).

Each of the 50 lasers covers several square inches. There are so many of them that you get every square inch of your scalp covered several times over. This makes the treatment very effective.

You just turn it on, sit back and forget it. The lasers do all the work while you can read a book, browse email and so on.

Laser Comb / Overhead Hair Laser

Same Price - which will you opt for?

Hair Regrowth Treatments - Super Grow Hair Laser 50