Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Grow 50 Review

Have you been looking around for some hair regrowth solution?

One good strategy to deal with hair loss problem is to deal with it as early as you observe hair thinning. The earlier you address the problem, the better. As you may know that once a dying hair follicle reaches a certain point, it cannot be brought back to life and you had no choice apart from expensive and painful hair transplant or live with baldness.

Don't Buy A Laser Comb Until...

If you've been looking for ways to regrow hair or cure baldness, you may have already heard about laser combs.

If you haven't, you may start looking for information regarding this and chances are you might be amazed on how this treatment had successfully eliminate many men's or women's hair loss problems.

But, do you know that most laser comb users have the same common complaints about how tired their arms are since they need to keep combing their hair for a continued period of 20-30 minutes every time they use it? Some even give up before seeing any results. How frustrated? Is there an option to laser combs?

Yes, there is - Super Grow 50

Well, there is now a new solution in case you don't have any idea about it yet. An affordable overhead laser treatment known as Super Grow 50. This breakthrough device brings the super hair regrowth effectiveness to your home at the price of a laser comb!

Even better, it comes with 5-10 times amount of lasers more than the combs.

Super Grow 50 Reviews

Here are a few words from some Super Grow 50 Users:

"My experience with lasers is positive, I saw a general thickening of hair volume. I suffer from overall thinning from all areas and the pattern is not alopecia as by now I would have grown bald already as I'm 43 now. I have noticed a good improvement in hair thickness. I saw good results with the laser as I removed a wig in January 2009 and the hair no longer looks thinning. I am including some photos that you can use to help encourage other hair loss sufferers." ( Click here to view Mark's photos. )
Mark S, Australia

"I want to buy one of these lasers for all the women in my family! Female hair loss is so much harder to handle than male yet your laser has done wonders for my hair."
Janet W. Boston

"Hi I am Rodney in Los Angeles.
"Shortly after my 55th birthday I noticed that my hair was thinning in the back. After a short period of denial, I decided to do something. I settled on the laser approach. I spent over $3000 for a year at a Laser Salon and my hair was restored. I did not want to continue spending $3000 or more per year, so I purchased a Super Grow 50 for maintenance.

"I use it twice a week for 30 minutes and have been able to maintain and even improve my hair coverage. The best part is I can do it at home."
Rodney, Los Angeles

Hair Regrowth - Super Grow 50 Review

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reasons to Avoid Certain Foods

In this day and age, the consumption of certain foods and substances should be regulated or avoided altogether. The body can be depleted of nutrients through the use of substances like nicotine and alcohol, and through foods containing caffeine and sugars. This can cause hair loss and raised androgen production due to an increase in adrenal levels.

Foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fats should be eaten in moderation, as they have been linked to spikes in DHT levels. Hair loss has even been connected to the ingestion of table salt. You should not put any additional salt on your food, as even a typical diet already provides the daily recommended sodium value.

Aside from those who regularly eat seafood, you should only use salt with Iodine in it if you are using it to season while cooking. Iodine is an essential nutrient associated with hair growth, and can be found naturally, and in high levels, in seafood.

On the downside, too much iodine can cause Toxemia, a toxicity of the body, which can be partially characterized by psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, and other illnesses related to hair-loss. There are no remedies for healing a toxic body except to eliminate oneself of impurities through healthy dieting and cleansing your system.

Fibrous diets can be beneficial in the process of body cleansing, and the use of Psyllium Husk (a natural supplement which helps add bulk to waste) and laxatives can aid in this process. You can find more information regarding this subject by reading the section titled Natural Hair Loss Remedies.

There are numerous reasons why a person may experience hair loss, but poor nutrition is certainly one of the more dominant. By choosing a healthy diet, hair loss associated with malnutrition can be reversed easily. Hair-loss related illnesses aside, eating healthier will help your whole body reach optimum functionality.

Many foods can lead to hair loss. Learn what foods can be detrimental to hair & how to avoid the pitfalls of hair loss.

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Hair Regrowth - Avoid Certain Food To Avoid Hair Loss