Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laser Hair Loss Treatment - How Does it Work?

by William B. Hooks

Laser hair loss treatment is the fruits of many researches in the hair dermatology branch. Doctors relied on this method in order to treat soft tissue injuries. Now, they have expended its spectrum use to reach hair loss therapies. Technological advancements have introduced different ways of re-growing and stopping hair from falling, but this recent method is the most successful of all.

Studies have shown that losing hair is a common experience. Everyone can lose an amount of hair each day. It is a healthy phenomenon. People tend to lose between 50 to 100 head hairs per day. Despite that, you may notice an unusual hair loss which is an unhealthy sign. It indicates that your hair is growing in an unhealthy way. Bad diet and medicines have been proven to be the main reasons, among others, for hair fall.

Laser hair loss treatment works in a remarkably straightforward way. It applies a low powered laser on the scalp with full protection to the skin. These carefully developed lasers go through the scalp to deliver their bio-regenerative energy directly into the hair follicle. This stimulates the already existing hair follicles in order to re-grow hair. This procedure operates like that which is applied to diminish post operative aches. The hair needs certain light wavelengths to properly grow. Laser uses the exact same light wavelengths to stimulate the blood flow.

The good thing about laser hair loss treatment is that is available in almost every medical center. You can have it either at home or in clinics. The domestic treatments require some particular devices that are different in terms of use than those of the clinics. Doctors recommend this therapy for both bald and those who are experiencing unusual hair fall. Surveys showed that hair restoration with laser lasts less than two thirds of the traditional methods.

You can have laser hair treatment through different ways. There are many domestic devices available that work relatively in the same way, but they have different results. You have to have a prescription from a specialist for full safety treatments. The doctor should define the size of the gap to meet with the size of the inserted grafts before starting treatment.

Laser hair loss treatments usually work in the same way. They use the some specific light wavelengths in to enhance the tissue growth. This allows nutrients to reach the dormant hair follicles in order to revive them.

Doctors and specialists highly recommend the use of hair loss cure with other treatments. In this way, patients are more likely to achieve the best of the results faster. There are many laser hair loss devices available out there in the Internet as well as in local stores. None the less, you should always consult an expert before taking any further actions to avoid any drawbacks.

Laser hair treatment can show you how effective it is within six months. There are hundreds of thousands of people are now relying on this new technology to re-grow their hairs.

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