Thursday, February 4, 2010

How I Regrow My Hair with Laser Hair Therapy

My name is Mary, Anna’s sister. I volunteer to write this post in Anna’s blog about my experience of recovering from complete baldness. Actually it was quite a miserable memory but I just want to thank whoever invented or discovered the hair laser therapy which had helped me to regrow a full head of hair.

At some stage I lost my full head of hair in less than a month’s time. It was really an acute case which shocked my doctor. If I were to explain why this had happened, it could be due to stress. A close friend of mine had a family disaster which I wanted to help but unable to. I could hardly imagine that stress could spoil someone’s health to such extent. I was a primary school teacher and I didn’t want to scare my students, so I had to wear a wig which I found it quite an unpleasant experience.

My doctor told me that my only hope was to use an overhead laser lamp. At that period of time, laser hair therapy wasn’t widely known. But I was so desperate that I had to do whatever my doctor told me to. Every night, I sat under the hair laser for 30 minutes. During that period, I could do reading, knitting or watching TV just to keep myself in a relaxed mood. My doctor told me that keeping a calm and relaxed mood was helpful in my recovery process.

In a month’s time, I saw young hair sprouts on my head. Following doctor’s advice, I progressively reduced the time of using the hair laser and finally got my full head of hair back in about six months. Now, after 20 years, my hair has never been as thick as before my hair loss disaster, but I am happy with my hair condition. Thanks to laser hair therapy. And the better news to know is that hair laser is now widely adopted and you don’t really need a doctor’s referral letter to buy it or use it.

I don’t recall the brand name of the hair laser I used. But I remember I spent around $500 for it. I notice Anna’s recommended Super Grow Overhead Hair Laser costs only $549. I can’t imagine after so many years of inflation, the home hair laser is still selling at such a low price. It could be a matter of improved technology and experience which help reduced the production cost. As we all know the mobile phones nowadays are selling at much lower price than 20 years ago.

I don’t have any experience with laser comb, because my hair loss disaster happened before laser comb was invented. However if someone is suffering from complete baldness like me, I believe an overhead hair laser is a better home remedy option. Imagine if I had to move around a laser comb around my head for 30 minutes daily, it could be quite a boring exercise.

Once again, thanks to laser hair therapy which help regrow my hair and regain my confidence.

Hair Regrowth Treatments - Laser Hair Therapy

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