Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Provillus - Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Many choose only the herbal hair loss products to make sure that their baldness is stopped by natural and organic means. One of the most popular natural hair loss treatments is Provillus which contains Minoxidil, an element that has been approved by the American FDA and can be used for efficient treatment of hair loss problems for both sexes.

Provillus is available for both men and women. It consists of a topical and oral solution with Minoxidil and a number of conjectured “all-natural” DHT blockers.

On the other hand, it gives your scalp and hair all necessary nutrients to keep them in good form and make them healthy. As a result, it revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates your hair growth. The majority of those who have tried Provillus said that they could see the results in just a few weeks after they started taking it.

Here’s what one of the Provillus users says.

There are more than 10 elements in one small pill such as zinc, saw palmetto, nettle root, pumpkin seed extract, Eleuthero, magnesium, Uva-Ursi, vitamin B6, biotin, and many others.

Provillus has become successful not only because of its effectiveness and great customer feedback. It also provides excellent after-sale services. They provide 24/7 online support where everyone can receive a detailed answer to every question about the product. There is also a real person to answer your questions on the phone which they promise that you would never have to wait on hold.

Hair Regrowth Treatments - Provillus

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