Friday, January 21, 2011

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss solutions vary in cost, effectiveness and ease to use. This article is a general overview of the options available.

Hair loss is caused by different things, but based on Bernstein Medical, hair loss is often caused by disorders of the thyroid, oral contraceptives, gynecological problems and pregnancy for women, while genetic for men.

Hair restoration and hair transplant are mostly used for balding. There are many other hair loss solutions available.

Hair restoration consists of non-surgical hair loss treatment like low level laser remedies; natural hair loss remedies and drugs approved by FDA. Alternatively, hair wigs, hairpieces and fiber extensions are used.

Each of the hair loss solutions has its merits and limitations. Because of this fact, it is very important to study and distinguish the best solutions to hair loss.

FDA approved drugs are generally not expensive and is very easy to buy over the counter. Given these drugs may slow down hair loss, but you may have to wait for a minimum of six months to see the real results.

Hair loss natural remedies are also low cost and also can be bought in malls and grocery stores too. However, its effectiveness is enhanced by very little scientific data.

Hair lasers promote blood circulation and cell growth. Those suffering from thinning hair may see better results than baldness. Low level laser therapy is now available to be used at home. You don’t have to visit a doctor’s clinic and pay expensive bills. Laser hair regrowth is quite an inexpensive hair loss solution, however effective.

Using of laser comb is one of the most popular hair loss solutions to be used at home. Though it has the advantage of being mobile, and can be used while travelling, it may not be the cheapest or the most convenient. Bear in mind, a home-use overhead hair laser is now selling at the price of a laser comb however offering much more lasers.

Hats and wigs can be inexpensive, but can also assist in various styles and moods of a person. Another option is to use hair fiber which creates almost instantly a ‘real’ look of fuller hair. Hair fiber is quite an inexpensive option of hair loss solutions.

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