Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laser Comb - How Does It Work?

Planning to buy a laser comb? Actually it is an ideal home remedy solution to naturally regrow your hair. Laser hair therapy does what topical solutions alone cannot. Low-level laser light is applied to the scalp for twenty to thirty-minute sessions, during which you feel nothing.

Your hair is like a plant that has been stuck in the basement without sunlight, which results in stunted growth. The plant will wither and eventually die. But when exposed to sunlight again, it begins to grow and thrive. This is what the renewed blood supply does for the hair follicle and where laser comb come into the picture and help.

Laser hair therapy works equally well with both men and women. Here I have a couple of videos for your preview.

Laser Comb Video - Men

Laser Comb Video - Women

Hand-held laser combs or brushes are portable and convenient for home use. These laser combs are not as powerful as the low-light lasers used in the hair clinics, but have the advantage of easy use whenever and wherever you prefer. Some studies have shown results with up to 95% satisfaction rate.

If your hair is thinning and you want a more natural approach to hair regrowth, Laser Comb or laser brush are ideal for home remedies. It can restore both your hair and your self-esteem without cracking your budget.

The Hairmax Laser Comb was invented in Australia in 2000 and was awarded by TIME Magazine as one of the 'Inventions of the Year'.

Laser Comb

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